If you live in Utrecht, you couldn’t have missed the opening of the new Tivoli Vredenburg . One of the biggest buildings in the city centre is THE place to be for a night filled with music. But did you know that hidden inside is a nice Hotspot?

Het Gegeven Paard
is a perfect place to sit down and get some work done. And why don’t enjoy a nice lunch in the meantime? In the evening it’s a busy buzzing place but during the day it has a nice and quite vibe.

Last week I worked here a couple hours myself. They are totally fine with that and don’t bug you every ten seconds for a new order. There are even special tables lined up with sockets. So no worries about running out of battery!


Lots of points already to make this a perfect place for a visit and the list get’s longer and longer. We ordered a nice lunch, a burger for Jochem and a veggie version for me. Just look at these masterpieces. They were as lovely as they look. Non greasy and with great taste.


Het Gegeven paard is maybe a place you would stoll by without giving it a look. But trust me it’s a shame! Definitely at it to you’re list when you have a visit to Utrecht planned.


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Als je in Utrecht woont is de nieuwe Vredenburg je vast niet ontgaan. Het niet te missen, enorme gebouw midden in de stad is DE nieuwe plek als het gaat om muziek. Maar wist je ook dat er een hele fijne hotspot te vinden is? (meer…)

  • Jinnie93

    Ziet er heel leuk (en lekker) uit! Die onthoud ik voor wanneer ik weer een keer in Utrecht kom 🙂

  • Babs

    Leuke tip. Hoop binnenkort weer eens naar mijn geboortestadje te gaan, ik zal hem onthouden!

  • Manon

    Ziet er leuk en lekker uit!

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